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Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy 4th of July!

This is a great day of celebration for everyone who advocates and cherishes a free-society, not just Americans (like my Dad), who believe in democracy and the freedom to use your free-will, without fear of oppression. America the great beacon of a society where all races, cultures, colours, etc. come together to become better human beings in a Christian system of laws, principles and values first established by God. The Founding Fathers, followed by the first Statesmen of Declaration, like Moses, made the courageous decision to stage an exodus from spiritual slavery and follow God’s ways, independently.  
You could say America is a more recent form of ethos to the Catholic Church formed by Christ. The one true Church that has produced so many wonderful saints who help lead us towards knowing God and becoming part of His family in Heaven. Similarly, the land of the free has helped many talented people, gifted by God, fulfil their potential and inspire the world to be a better place.
So no matter how difficult it is to follow Jesus Christ in the end He will more than make our struggle worthwhile, because after all “In God we Trust”.
Happy feast day of the free!!!      

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